Un Campus organizzato dalla Federazione Spagnola

La Federazione spagnola di Triathlon organizza un Campus, in occasione dei Mondiali di Triathlon Cross di El Anillo. FETRI CAMPUS è un progetto sportivo e culturale, dove la Federazione spagnola Triathlon, promuove questo evento, per tutti gli atleti partecipanti ai Mondiali ed in particolare per gli atleti Age Group interessanti all'evento.

"To all the athletes, the Spanish Triathlon Federation is organizing a Campus, as part of the activities for the Triathlon Cross World Championships

CAMPUS FETRI is a sports and cultural project, where the Spanish Triathlon Federation, promotes this event, to elite athletes, coaches, and athletes who come with, family, children, bringing together in one week all aspects of our sport.

In this case, aimed primarily to the Triathlon Cross sport and with some part of the activities about Long Distance Triathlon. Still being able to obtain or develop content that can be cross within the sport of triathlon, open water, the domain of the bicycle, the mechanization of transitions, etc.

And all in a natural environment, fun, relaxed, family, inspiration to enjoy the sport both in training and in competition.

With a hub, the International Center for Sports Innovation at the Natural Environment "The Ring", a meeting point of nature, science, sports and imagination to advance our understanding of what we do with our physical activity.

With activities that combine theory with practice and development of other fruit qualities of the practice of other sports that are within our plurality as a sport.

The CAMPUS FETRI is a meeting of triathlon and this year's International to enjoy our sport in a privileged environment, and a special social component.