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Body Age Group: il nuovo regolamento ITU

Age Group

L’ITU Executive Board ha approvato un cambiamento nella regolamentazione dei body degli Age Group impegnati nelle gare internazionali.

Gli atleti Age-Group della stessa Federazione Nazionale possono indossare body diversi seppur impegnati nella stessa competizione, purché gli stessi body siano stati approvati dall'ITU.

Di seguito il dettaglio del nuovo regolamento.



Change in the Age-Group uniform rule 


The ITU Executive Board, with the unanimous support of the Technical Committee, has approved a change in the AG uniform rule so that Age-Group athletes from the same National Federations competing in one event will be allowed to wear different uniforms, as long as these are submitted by the National Federation and approved by ITU.
Until now, the rule 3.9 said: “Every National Federation can request the approval of one different uniform design for every different multisport. Two uniform options can be requested for the Age-Group athletes, indicating which is the 1st option and which is the 2nd option. However, all athletes from the same National Federation, competing in the same event, will wear the National Federation’s same distinctive design”.
The last sentence “all athletes from the same NF… will wear the same design” meant that all athletes were obliged to buy a new uniform every time the NF changed the design or the supplier.
By deleting the last sentence in the rule, from now on athletes from the same National Federation may be allowed to wear different uniforms, always within the uniform(s) the NF previously got approved. National Federations may still choose to keep one uniform design approved at one time at their discretion.
This change in the rule is expected to be welcomed by the age group communities, will hopefully help to further increase the number of participating athletes, by eliminating some existing barriers for some of them. It is also a recognition of our Age-Group voices and needs.
Please see the current Age-Group Uniform Catalogue here.