ITU: gare internazionali sospese fino al 30 giugno

Durante il Board riunitosi questa mattina in videoconferenza, la ITU (International Triathlon Union) ha deciso di sospendere tutte le attività agonistiche fino al 30 giugno.
Dunque, salta anche l'evento di Yokohama, appuntamento di World Triathlon Series e World Paratriathlon Series. Già noto il rinvio delle tappe di Montreal e Leeds di WTS.

Nel comunicato diramato dalla ITU, tutti i dettagli sui principali eventi coinvolti.


World Triathlon extends the suspension of activities until June 30

The World Triathlon Executive Board, met via teleconference this Friday morning, has decided to extend the suspension of all activities of the International Federation until June 30th, due to the current situation worldwide with the COVID-19 outbreak. This suspension includes WTS Yokohama, three African (ATU) cups, three American (PATCO) events, four Asian (ASTC) cups, one event in Oceania (OTU) and eight in Europe, (ETU) plus the Yokohama Paratriathlon Series and a Paratriathlon World Cup.
“The suspension of all activities doesn’t mean at all that we stop working. We are meeting with athletes, coaches, National Federations, Continental Confederations, the IOC, the IPC, the organisers and our Committees involved in these activities to work on alternative dates and possibilities, as well as monitoring daily the situation while following the World Health Organization recommendations”, explained World Triathlon President and IOC member, Marisol Casado.
With the new dates for the Olympics and Paralympics now in place, World Triathlon is now working closely not only on the preparations for the events in 2021, but also with athletes, coaches and the IOC to establish new dates and events for resuming the Olympic and Paralympic Qualification rankings. We have also agreed with all five Continental Confederations to suspend the Continental events also until June 30.
World Triathlon is working closely with all affected local organisers, National Federations and Continental Confederations on each particular event, working on alternative dates when possible and coordinating a calendar to maximize the racing opportunities for athletes from all over the world once the pandemic is controlled and we can offer them fair and safe opportunities to compete.
Among other measures, the World Triathlon Board also approved the quota allocation for the Dakar Youth Olympics, to be hosted in 2022. After the IOC approved an increase of the quota from 64 (in Buenos Aires YOG 2018) to 80, the Board now approved the following allocations: all Continents would be allocated at least one extra quota place, except Oceania where, besides Australia and New Zealand, the remaining National Federations can be covered – if requested – by the Universality place. Africa will by default have one more spot with Senegal being the host nation, so actually Africa would have a minimum of five countries in both genders and the biggest opportunities for Universality Places.
The thoughts of the World Triathlon Executive family are now with everyone impacted by the virus around the world, and we hope to see you all out there on the blue carpet in the near future. In the meantime, we recommend everyone to follow the WHO and local health authorities’ recommendations, and to stay at home.
2020 Runaway Bay OTU Super Sprint Triathlon Oceania Cup, 1-3 May
2020 Yasmine Hammamet ATU Triathlon Junior African Cup, 2 May
2020 Yasmine Hammamet ATU Sprint Triathlon African Cup, 2 May
2020 Ixtapa PATCO Sprint Triathlon Panamerican Cup, 15-16 May
2020 Yokohama ITU World Paratriathlon Series, 16 May
2020 ITU World Triathlon Yokohama, 16 May
2020 Formosa PATCO Middle Distance Triathlon Panamerican Championships, 23 May
2020 Osaka NTT ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup, 23 May
2020 Olsztyn ETU Triathlon Junior European Cup, 30 May
2020 Olsztyn ETU Sprint Triathlon European Cup, 30 May
2020 A Coruna ITU Paratriathlon World Cup, 6 June
2020 Sokcho ASTC Sprint Triathlon Asian Cup, 6 June
2020 Dnipro ETU Triathlon Junior European Cup, 6 June
2020 Dnipro ETU Triathlon U23 European Championships, 6 June
2020 Lianyungang ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup, 13 June
2020 Coimbra ETU Sprint Triathlon European Cup and Mediterranean Championships, 13 June
2020 Kupiskis ETU Triathlon Junior European Cup, 13 June
2020 Lake Kivu ATU Sprint Triathlon African Cup, 13 June
2020 Besancon ITU Paratriathlon World Cup, 13-14 June
2020 Kitzbühel ETU Triathlon Junior European Cup, 19 June
2020 Santo Domingo PATCO Triathlon Panamerican Championships, 20 June
2020 Holten ETU Sprint Triathlon Premium European Cup, 20 June
2020 Târgu Mures ETU Cross Triathlon European Championships, 20 June
2020 Gamagori NTT ASTC Triathlon Asian Cup, 21 June
2020 Târgu Mures ETU Cross Duathlon European Championships, 23 June2
020 Walchsee ETU Aquathlon European Championships, 25 June
2020 Larache ATU Triathlon Junior African Cup, 27 June
2020 Larache ATU Sprint Triathlon Premium African Cup, 27 June
2020 Walchsee ETU Middle Distance Triathlon European Championships, 28 June
2020 Walchsee ETU Aquabike European Championships, 28 June


2020 Valencia ITU Mixed Relay Olympic Qualification Event
2020 Valencia ITU Triathlon World Cup
2020 Lima PATCO Sprint Triathlon Panamerican Cup and South American Championships
2020 Arzachena ITU Triathlon World Cup
2020 AJ Bell World Triathlon Leeds
2020 Montreal ITU Paratriathlon World Championships
2020 Montreal PATCO Sprint Triathlon Panamerican Cup
2020 Groupe Copley World Triathlon Montreal

(fonte: comunicato stampa ITU)

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