Board ITU: approvato il nuovo sistema di qualificazione olimpica e paralimpica


Durante l'ultimo incontro del Board, la ITU ha approvato i nuovi principi di qualificazione olimpica e paralimpica: il meccanismo di composizione dei ranking, congelati al momento della sospensione delle gare internazionali a causa della pandemia di Coronavirus, saranno vagliati da Comitato Internazionale Olimpico e Comitato Internazionale Paralimpico; dopo l'approvazione, saranno comunicati alle Federazioni nazionali e agli atleti.


World Triathlon Executive Board meets to evaluate the impact of the COVID-19 crisis

The World Triathlon Executive Board met via teleconference this Thursday to evaluate the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the organization, as well as follow up on the situation with events, athletes, coaches, officials and all the Triathlon family.
With all events of World Triathlon currently suspended until June 30, the Board reviewed the report of the Operational working group, which is working with the five Continental Confederations to agree on the calendar for resuming the events when the pandemic is over.
During the meeting, the Executive Board approved the general principles of the new Olympic and Paralympic qualification system, which were frozen when the pandemic struck the international races. The approved principles have now been sent to the International Olympic Committee and International Paralympic Committee for their approval. Once the new system is approved by both organizations, it will be immediately communicated to all athletes, coaches and National Federations.
The Board also approved the proposal of the Technical Committee to postpone the World Triathlon Rules review until the end of 2021, extend the validation year of all ITU certified officials for one more year and start with the new TO certification system in 2022 instead of 2021 as it was originally planned.
The Financial group is continuing to monitor the situation, analysing the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on World Triathlon finances, while the Communication group reported on their meetings and updates in relation to events.
The Executive Board will meet again next week. The thoughts of the World Triathlon family are now with everyone impacted by the virus around the world, and we hope to see you all soon out there on the blue carpet in the near future.

(fonte: comunicato stampa ITU)

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